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  • Article 8/27/2023

The story of Brabant

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Connecting. Leading. Entrepreneurial. Scoring. Enjoying. Historical. That's Brabant at its best. Perhaps more than ever now. Because the challenges we face have never been greater. Just as the urgency to join forces has never been higher. And we will continue to do so. Because we know what effective collaboration can achieve. Alone you may go faster, together you go further.

Connecting Brabant

Brabant connects: city with countryside, tradition with innovation, effort with pleasure. And most importantly: people with each other. Collaborative thinking, daring, and doing are ingrained in the DNA of the Brabantians. We have the courage to color outside the lines, as it is precisely that which leads to creativity and unconventional solutions. Here, the industry is responsible for out-of-the-box innovations. This is where top designers, athletes, and cultural icons flourish, and where talent emerges from within. It's no coincidence that we're part of the leading technological regions in Europe and that Brabant is teeming with promising start-ups. As an innovative breeding ground, Brabant is actively contributing to solutions for tomorrow's global challenges. This makes the region an exciting place to work.

Drunense Duinen
Photo: Marc Bolsius

Leading Brabant

Brabant is booming and consistently ranks among Europe's innovation leaders. The favorable location and the cooperation between government, education, and entrepreneurs offer numerous opportunities. Here, bright minds and skilled hands collaborate on groundbreaking solutions for the challenges of the future. And it works. Economic growth has been higher here than in the rest of the Netherlands for years. The world's eyes have been on Brabant for years when it comes to high-tech, chemistry, agriculture, and food. In terms of the latter, our agricultural entrepreneurs set the tone for food production and technology. With high-tech and agri-food as Brabant's two primary economic pillars, we excel internationally in agriculture and food.

Mozesbrug Halsteren
Photo: Marc Bolsius

Entrepreneurial Brabant

Brabant unites its strengths. The entrepreneurial climate in this region is characterized by collaboration, pioneering, action, knowledge sharing, and innovation. This makes Brabant the ultimate knowledge and innovation region. The triple helix approach originated here; government, education, and entrepreneurs seamlessly find each other. We lay our cards on the table, working together to ensure the region's growth. By stepping up and getting hands-on, we've built a high-tech region of significant size with Brainport Eindhoven, eight open innovation campuses, and players like Philips, ASML, and VDL. The Brabant manufacturing industry competes on the global stage. The agriculture and food sector thrives. The chemical sector is robust.

Photo: Marc Bolsius

Scoring Brabant

Brabant knows how to score. With top companies, athletes, artists, and events, we reach new heights both in the Netherlands and worldwide. We also have top-level players in the international business world, all of them Brabant-based companies. Athletes from this region have been shining on the highest international podiums for years: in European and World Championships, as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the realms of art, design, and culture, we're internationally competitive. The constant vibe of creativity combined with strong entrepreneurship makes the region an attractive breeding ground. This applies to the over 1.2 million visitors who come here annually as well. Brabant makes you feel welcome.

Enjoying Brabant

And then there's the enjoyment in this region. Thanks to the countless cafes and restaurants, Brabant is known for its Burgundian and cozy atmosphere. Dozens of theaters, museums, events, and amusement parks make us a national and international attraction. Not to mention the beautiful natural areas, such as Kampina and the Loonse en Drunense Duinen. The fact that living and life are enjoyable here attracts companies, knowledge workers, and students from all corners to Brabant. There's still space here: for affordable homes, safe playgrounds, culture with both a small and big "C," for tranquility and relaxation in beautiful nature. Ideally, we'd like to share the enjoyment as well. That aligns with Brabant's Burgundian character.

Van Gogh Fietspad
Photo: Marc Bolsius

Historical Brabant

This sense of connection in Brabant dates back a long time. When French troops entered our country in 1795, the region served as a buffer zone between powerhouses. We combined our strengths. As independent as we were, we established "Bataafsch Braband" the same year, complete with a full-fledged provincial government. Together, we stood strong. Even when small farmers had to work tirelessly for meager harvests, we came together and experimented with livestock. Not for milk or meat, but for their manure to enrich the barren soil. Smart and innovative. Even then. It's only logical that agriculture remains a cornerstone of the Brabant economy, just as it's natural that we continue working together, rooted in the Catholic ethos of looking out for each other. Solidarity 2.0. What's deeply rooted can grow tall. Especially in Brabant.

Fortified town of Oudheusden
Photo: Marc Bolsius

Breda: The friendly green city

Breda is a city where an active social scene and creativity go hand-in-hand. With abundant gardens that even extend into the city centre.

Breda: The hospitable green city
Photo: Marc Bolsius

Eindhoven: The smart city

Eindhoven, as the heart of the Brainport region, stands for technology, design, and knowledge. The largest city in Brabant grew – both literally and figuratively – thanks to Philips. Over time, Eindhoven has embraced a new identity: that of the most human-centered innovative city. A city with a human scale, integrating its residents into urban developments.

Evoluon Eindhoven
Photo: Marc Bolsius

's-Hertogenbosch: The hospitable bastion of culture in the South

's-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch as it is generally called, is a friendly, welcoming city with a human face. Wherever you go and whoever you are, you will be given a hospitable reception. And the people living in Den Bosch, the ‘Bosschenaren’, are very proud of their city.

Sint-Janskathedraal 's-Hertogenbosch
Photo: Marc Bolsius

Tilburg: The social city

Tilburg's growth was fuelled by the textile industry and it was seen as a true working-class city for decades. Thanks to an active and varied district development programme, it is now a very trendy place. But Tilburg still aspires to be an inclusive city, a city for everyone.

town hall Tilburg
Photo: Marc Bolsius

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