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Themes of Brabant

Green gas from fresh cow dung. Tile floors made from plastic from polluted oceans. An agricultural robot as a mechanical weed controller. In Brabant, we come together to develop groundbreaking ideas for a sustainable world. Where we think out of the box and beyond our own boundaries. With a focus on five themes that represent the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

Minitopia shows living can be different

At 4 locations in Brabant, there is complete freedom to realize your own housing wishes in the form of sustainable tiny houses

Vital Living Environment

In Brabant, we focus on vibrant villages and strong cities with an attractive entrepreneurial climate. We cleverly connect the challenges of housing, work, mobility, climate, energy, nature, and agriculture.

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Meet solar car Lightyear One

The 1st family car powered by solar energy is an innovation from Brabant

Energy Transition

Heating residential areas with residual heat flows from industry and greenhouse horticulture. An electric car that captures more CO₂ than it emits. These are examples of innovative combinations with which Brabant aims to be energy-neutral by 2050.

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Picking fruit in the gardens at Philips Fruittuin during the picking days

1/3 of the food we produce annually doesn't end up on consumers' plates

Sustainable Food Systems

Food production needs to be better and more sustainable. The Brabant food industry and high-tech sector are working together to accelerate precision farming, transition from animal to alternative proteins, and combat food waste.

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Team PeelPioneers

Annually, we discard 260,000 tons of plastic material in Brabant; 80% of it is incinerated

Sustainable Economy

Brabant is transitioning from a fossil to a circular economy. Reuse is the motto. And we need to reduce energy consumption and emissions. There is still much to gain, especially in manufacturing, food production, construction, and infrastructure.

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Aquatic Drones: Safe water world through data from robotic boat

Also from Brabant: an autonomous robot boat that monitors our waterways cheaper, more sustainably, and safer 24/7

AI, Data & Digitalization

Artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics. Brabant aims to be a leader in the data economy by 2030. Solving traffic problems with data? Giving premature babies a better start? The digitization of society leads to economic and societal breakthroughs.

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