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About Brabant

Themes of Brabant

Green gas from fresh cow dung. Tile floors made from plastic from polluted oceans. An agricultural robot as a mechanical weed controller. In Brabant, we come together to develop groundbreaking ideas for a sustainable world. Where we think out of the box and beyond our own boundaries. With a focus on five themes that represent the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

About the themes

Breda: The hospitable green city

The story of Brabant

Connecting. Leading. Entrepreneurial. Scoring. Enjoying. Historical. That's Brabant at its best. Perhaps more than ever now. Because the challenges we face have never been greater. Just as the urgency to join forces has never been higher. And we will continue to do so. Because we know what effective collaboration can achieve. Alone you may go faster, together you go further.

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Brabant in Facts and Figures

Both nationally and internationally, Brabant excels in showcasing its strengths. As the premier knowledge and innovation region. As the design province of the Netherlands. As the place to be for that typical Brabant coziness. Here are some facts and figures.

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