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Place Brand Management

The core objective of Brabant's branding strategy is to strengthen a positive image of Brabant. Brabant Branding is tasked with developing and implementing this strategy. To accomplish this, the team collaborates with a large number of partners in Brabant. To name a few: BOM, VisitBrabant, BrabantC, AgriFood Capital, Brainport Eindhoven, various campuses, the universities in Tilburg and Eindhoven, and the major cities. They, along with many other stakeholders, play a significant role in regional branding.

Team Brabant Branding ensures the most effective delivery of a consistent message/appearance for all these parties when they play a defining role or communicate about Brabant. This is called 'place brand management' and is necessary because branding is only effective when all parties involved tell the same story: the exciting and compelling story of Brabant. At the heart of this story are the three brand values that make the region so unique.

Three Brand Values

Until recently, Brabant used the values high tech/high touch. Successful in entrepreneurship, knowledge, and innovation (high tech), but also characterized by a Burgundian, hospitable, and congenial spirit (high touch). These values have recently been reevaluated and deemed suitable but too generic. Therefore, in collaboration with partners, the values have been refined. The following three brand values have been chosen, which make Brabant unique. They are the carriers of Brabant's identity.

  • Courageously Unconventional (creative, willing to experiment, ambitious, seeking change, crossing boundaries)
  • Purposefully Collaborative (collaborative, both locally and internationally)
  • Remarkably Immersive (engaging, becoming part of the community)

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