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Branding campaigns about Brabant

Familiarity with and a positive image of Brabant play a significant role in the decisions made by entrepreneurs, knowledge workers, students, and tourists. That's why Brabant Branding develops targeted strategic branding campaigns to keep the region top of mind with these relevant audiences. This paves the way for achieving marketing objectives for our partners.

#inBrabant campaign

Many people already know: life is great in Brabant. But we want even more people to know. That's why Brabant Branding, in collaboration with the province and its partners, is launching a multi-year campaign. With #inBrabant, we aim to strengthen the positive image of Brabant as a top knowledge and innovation region where life is not only good, but where you can also live, work, and learn fantastically.

Skyline Brabant

Skylines connect residents with their city, evoke feelings of pride and belonging. And now, we've created one for Brabant! We're offering it to everyone who holds Brabant close to their heart, sharing a pleasant piece of positivity.

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