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Brabant Branding: Embracing the power of Brabant

We believe in the strength of Brabant. That's why, alongside as many partners as possible, we promote and amplify the identity of Brabant. Both nationally and internationally. In doing so, we facilitate the efforts of all those who attract businesses, knowledge workers, students, talents, and tourists. Our goal: positioning Brabant as the ultimate knowledge and innovation region.

Cone Eindhoven

Brabant regional branding strategy

Branding is about experience. And that experience plays a crucial role in the decisions of entrepreneurs, knowledge workers, and students to settle here. That's why we put Brabant in the spotlight as the foremost knowledge and innovation region. Alongside all our partners, we continuously build the positive image of our region.

Campaigns keep Brabant top of mind

Tech Xperience 2021. #inBrabant. These are targeted branding campaigns to make Brabant top of mind and keep it that way. For entrepreneurs and knowledge workers, for students and tourists. This paves the way for achieving our partners' marketing objectives.

Research keeps us sharp

How do we know if our branding efforts for Brabant are on track? By monitoring regularly and adjusting as needed. We do this with our own measuring tools and those from third parties. For instance, the European Innovation Scoreboard 2022 revealed that Brabant ranks in the top 3 most innovative regions in the Netherlands.

Brabant Branding in downloads

To present a united face to the world, it's important to tell one story. The story of Brabant. For this, we've developed a toolkit. To draw from and inspire you.

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